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THE "ECO AGRO TURISM" EVENT - 1st Edition, May 28 - 30 2007
Ecologisation of tourist routes in the Durau - Ceahlau area (Neamt County)

During May 28-30th, the Durau - Ceahlau Association of Pensions (recently established) organized an extended ecologisation event for some of the tourist routes in the Durau - Ceahlau area (Neamt County). Organized under the name of ECO AGRO TURISM, more than 30 participants attended the action, all students within the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Iasi. They were accompanied by Univ. Assist. Lucian Raus.

The action was led by Mr. Radu Gheorghiu (vice-president of the Associaton and administrator of the Ursuleti Pension) and by Mrs. Dorina Barliba (president of the Association and administrator of Cristal Pension) who ensured accommodation and meals for the student team.

On behalf of the Romanian Association of Accommodation and Ecological Tourism - BED AND BREAKFAST (ARCTE B&B) Mrs. Haritina Moldovan attended (Executive Director ARCTE B&B), who awarded participation diplomas for the ecologisation team.

References: Durau refuse, Romania Libera Journal, 2.06.2007.

Fire camp at
Ursuleti Camping
Participation Diploma
on behalf of ARCTE B&B
Students accommodation -
lodges at Ursuleti Camping
The team of students
The official start ! within 15 minutes... ...and another 10 more minutes... ...the route is continued
The road to Bicaz Barrage Message for the future generations This is where you should deposit any kind of waste Enough material for trash dumpsters
The Palace of the Medieval Voivodes ... past and present ... The Rectory
Piatra Teiului Bicaz Lake The cultural pastoral Centre
"Sf. Daniil Sihastrul"
Pelerinul House
(The Pilgrim - hotel)
Pastoral Centre Adm.
Albastrica (pension)
Mihailescu Ctin family
Bradul (hotel & club) and
Brandusa (pension)
Pascu Petru family
Casa Bella (pension)
Platon Isabela family
Cascada (hotel)
Zabulica Emil family
Cristal (pension)
Barliba Dorina family
Lavinia (pension)
Boacas (Family Association)
Maria (pension)
Garbea Maria family
Martin (pension)
Gorgos family
Orhideea (pension)
Lacatusu Marcela family
Ursulet (camping & pension) Pensiune (under constr.)
Schiopu Ctin family
Mountain Tourism in Ceahlau
(villas) Chivu Vasile family

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