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21.08.2007 - As part of the Video Promotion Program, ARCTE B&B proposes a new holiday destination "Traveler to the Land of Sibiu".

During August 24-28th 2007, ARCTE B&B is setting up a visit to the counties of Sibiu, Valcea and Arges, wanting to edit an audio-video itinerary footage. This is an integrated action of the Video Promotion Program, which amongst other intends to promote tourist areas and pilot accommodation structures, which are part of the National Tourist Network ARCTE B&B and also the authorities' efforts to develop a sustainable and ecofriendly tourism in the area.

* Presentation of the holiday itinerary.

The ARCTE B&B film crew will dialogue with the local authorities, pension administrators and partners, so as to highlight relevant tourism aspects. The discussions will bring our collaborators closer to the Video Promotion Program and EcoLabel Promotion Program.

We invite you to participate as EVENT PARTNERS along with the organizers in a joint action, aimed at highlighting the impact of regional development strategy and local authorities' concerns for capitalizing intercultural elements.

* Invitation for participation at the event (RO).

We are eager to know your opinion concerning the organization of this event so that:

  • We are able to enhance the relevance of activities organized within this Program
  • To improve the topic and method of presentation
  • To improve any shortcomings / lacks of synchronization emerged along the way.

    We also ask our partners to take 5 minutes to fill in this evaluation questionnaire:

    * Event Evaluation Questionnaire (RO).

    Please write and send your opinion to the ARCTE B&B head office by fax/e-mail for them to be integrated within the Video Promotion Program for the specific area you are in.

    We can guarantee that your answer is as important to us, as to other stakeholders on the tourism market. We intend to keep you updated with every action we develop.

    Thank you for your support !

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